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West Seattle Art Walk

so the nice folks at the West Seattle Herald let me talk..on camera! ha…it comes in at about 2:10 in the video..also check out the fashion show…even lunch B.O.B. got to walk the runway and got some love…..

kim the quilter



so i have a quilt show going on at Twilight Artist Collective in West Seattle this month (Check out my news section on my website for more info) It is a great store in a really hopin part of West Seattle, a place, that before last week, i had never been to! Ha give me a break i am not from here! The store is located right next to Easy Street Records where i bought the new Cancer Rising ep…good stuff…local hip hop at it’s finest.

Speaking of local i am going home to Peoria in a few weeks..always a good time of beer and screaming children..screaming in a good way like “yeah aunt kim is here” gotta love kids…can’t wait to see all of them and give them a big hug. and beer with my friends not with the kids that would be bad, and illegal.

So i am working on this crazy great new quilt that i already love and i haven’t even gotten all the blocks done! it has beer bottle fabric as its border! ahh beer quilts..i am tossing around a few names for it such as “beer 30” or “99 skulls of beer on the wall” there are skulls on the quilt too..although i think skull might have a different meaning that has something to do with it being a vessel to hold things? Am i totally off on that ? must go google that one..

so hope to see you for the quilt opening Thursday night 6-9 at Twilight!!!

kim the quilter…

damn it. it is sunny in seattle agian..i didn’t move here for this!! hahahaha



good afternoon….

 so i am super excited to be taking place in I HEART RUMMAGE this Sunday from 12-4 at Chop Suey up on Capitol Hill.  Should be a rocking good time! I have lots of lunch and grocery B.O.B.s in stock, finally, so whatever doesn’t sell will be up on my etsy site next week.  More details about the show on my news page….

just another sunny day in seattle folks.

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ok everyone let me know if you have any questions regarding the pattern!!

enjoy and cheers.

kim the quilter



Hey fellow crafters!

OK so i just received the new issue of BUST magazine and guess what??? DQYDJ is in it!!! OK ok i knew it all along, actually i wrote the two page spread, but didn’t want to squeal until i actually saw it was true!! I mean frickin’ bust magazine wants my quilt, i thought it might be a dream or spam. As my friends know, Debbie Stoller is pretty much my idol…ok she definitely is my IDOL!!! What she has done for knitting (even though i have never touched a needle) and the craft world in general is legendary, and i adore her for it. So i got the chance to write for BUST and thanks to the lovely Lisa Butterworth (and i am sure a lot of other helpful BUST employees) it turned out fabulous!! Headphones quilt even got to go on a field-trip to NYC!!! I was so jealous of headphones quilt…..until yesterday when i found out DHL is holding it for ransom (aka lost it) Pray for the safe return of headphones quilt everyone…

Ok so the pattern will be downloadable on Bust’s website ( and i will be posting progress shots this weekend to give all those visual learners a heads up!!!

Hope you all go pick up the FEB/MAR issue of BUST MAGAZINE with the lovely and badass EVE on the cover!!


kim the quilter



check out my new quilt! it is made from an retro piece of fabric i found, then hacked up and mixed it with some hand dyed brown fabric!! the back is a cool satiny orange…it is slightly smaller than a twin, but could be used on a couch, foot of bed, or anything else that you need it for!!!

working for the weekend….


so there has been a little debate on where i get the bags i use to make B.O.B.’s….Here is the answer! So i get the plastic bags from a variety of places. My mom, coworkers, friends, neighbors, anyone who forgets to use a recycled bag or buys more groceries than the B.O.B.s they have can handle, you know we all forget every once in a while. Also i have been known to take bags out of the recycle bins at the local Safeway and Fred Meyer…it’s not stealing, it is using them for a better cause, i mean who really knows what they do with the bags they claim to recycle right! OK i am convinced i am on Fred Meyers cameras and they are looking for me! So if you see me at Fred Meyer and i have a disguise on just walk away my friend walk away…..

anyway i am just getting past my birthday weekend….i am hungover and tired….but folding bags…..more BOBS on etsy soon i promise!!!!

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we are very excited about this show and have two busy months ahead of us!!  We are working on a few RAWKIN’ kids/baby quilts to add to our collection.  They are pretty straight forward quilts with, get this, no applique! ahhhh, but there are skulls so that makes up for it.  They should be done this weekend so i will post pics soon..if my damn digital camera is working…Will be doing a quilt photo shoot this month to get some better pics up on my website, which i am excited about! We are also in the process of redesigning our website so check back for a revamped site!!! Designing websites is hard…….

kim the quilter



MY TATTOO!!!!! needle, thread, bird characteristics, it rocks………………… see the bird right!!!

kim the quilter

ps..something is wrong with my digital camera…..ahhhhh


who wants to see my new crafty tattoo??????????????????

pics soon………………….

kim the quilter