Don\’t Quilt Your Day Job
quilts that rock and how we rock them



ok so i am doing these two smaller boy quilts, for strollers and such, with a touch of applique.  Oh yes folks i am on a mission to become the “Queen of Applique”.  What is applique you say?



A decoration or ornament, as in needlework, made by cutting pieces of one material and applying them to the surface of another.

So there, in less dictionary terms it is all the stuff i sew on, on top of the quilt top.  For example my boy quilt above.  The drums are appliqued onto the quilt top.  The backs are cotton flannel, very cozy for your cold kids.  I love them, now i just need to bind it and think of a name??????

well i thought i would post some pics of the new things i have been doing while my computer is working (knock on wood) so hope you enjoy. I have one more twin to finish and another boy quilt like the one above except i haven’t decided on the image i want to use….any ideas??????

Stay tuned for a review of the Seattle Ryan Adams show.

Kim the quilter


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