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Down in a hole.. is where plastic bags go

We went and saw Ryan Adams at the Moore Theater in Seattle last Friday night, July 27, 2007, and he was spot on.  His voice was the best i have ever heard it, the band was really rehearsed, almost to a fault.  My thinking is he has had so many bad drunks shows that on this tour he was all ” we are going to rehearse every song until we can do it in our sleep” but who knows.  My only complainant was the lighting.  They all sat in a row the whole show and you couldn’t even see his face, very poorly lit.  The encore cover of “Down in a Hole” by Alice in Chains was, for lack of a better word, AMAZING!!!!!!

If you know anything about Ryan Adams beef with Seattle radio station 103.7 The Mountain then you have to check out what he did when he visited while in town, it is hilarious!

Ryan’s apology

 If this link doesn’t work go to You Tube and search for Marty Reimer.  Very funny.

Anyway I have been working non-stop on BOB’s this week, getting a lot done.  Also looking up some info on the waste made by those little plastic bags and it is staggering! Did you know that plastic bags don’t biodegrade they photo-degrade-breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits contaminating soil and waterways and are often eaten by animals thinking they are food, subsequently killing the animals. 

On that note it is Friday, thank god! and i am going to get some serious sleep and work in this weekend!! Yeah!!


Kim the quilter


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