Don\’t Quilt Your Day Job
quilts that rock and how we rock them

i’m in love…….with B.O.B.


It’s true i am in love, with messenger B.O.B. Not only is he clever, functional, and handsome, but he also has this nifty pocket on the inside. There is a big pocket and then a small half pocket for keys, wallets and such. And that’s just what he is like on the inside my friends!! On the outside he is a clever mix of other B.O.B.’s i have loved, but with a bigger smile (see smile bag on strap), and a style sense like no man i have ever met..don’t even get me started on how easy he is to close with the three velcro technique!

ahhhh messenger B.O.B. you are my true best friend….(unless someone buys you and then i will crawl back to lunch B.O.B. and beg for forgiveness!!)

Kim the quilter


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