Don\’t Quilt Your Day Job
quilts that rock and how we rock them

BFF….booth friends forever!!

so bumbershoot has been an eye-opening, amazing, soul searching time…. this is my first booth and besides three or four FIRST THURSDAY art show my first time with experience to the masses….without STATIC AGE i would be nothing..she has givin me so much support and laughs you wouldn’t even know…

thanks to everyone who has stopped by and will, Monday, stop by the booth! we have been logging some awesomely funny comments we have heard in our booth and they will be posted this week along with our pics of the weekend!!! i will soon get B.O.B.’s on my ETSY site so they will be available worldwide! thanks to Matt from Etsy for all the kind words! i love meeting all my booth neighbors! Crazy nice people, really…. will have to post their websites soon!!

anyway i will leave you with my favorite quote of the day

“anytime you are on my shoulders I’m like a chicken………..BAACACKKKKKKK”

kim the quilter


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