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BOB’s for sale on ETSY


B.O.B.’s are available now on ETSY!! They had a great opening weekend at Bumbershoot so not that many are in stock right now, but by the end of the month more styles and colors will be available!!

Taking a little hiatus next week to Hawaii to visit some friends. I know it will be rough vacationing in Hawaii, when i really just want to be quilting, but i will struggle through……haha

Man Bumbershoot was a lot of fun, and a lot of madness. Overall i think it was a success. We got our name out there, sold a buttload of B.O.B.’s and made some great connections in the art world.

Check out these links of the cool booth’s around us:

Handmade Julz



Sabrina Shane

Originally from London, these designers have been creating funky clothing for the hip, artistic traveler since 1992. Check out their awesome stuff @ WISH on Greenwood, Seattle WA

So now i am in recovery mode…….

kim the quilter



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