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where does B.O.B. come from?

so there has been a little debate on where i get the bags i use to make B.O.B.’s….Here is the answer! So i get the plastic bags from a variety of places. My mom, coworkers, friends, neighbors, anyone who forgets to use a recycled bag or buys more groceries than the B.O.B.s they have can handle, you know we all forget every once in a while. Also i have been known to take bags out of the recycle bins at the local Safeway and Fred Meyer…it’s not stealing, it is using them for a better cause, i mean who really knows what they do with the bags they claim to recycle right! OK i am convinced i am on Fred Meyers cameras and they are looking for me! So if you see me at Fred Meyer and i have a disguise on just walk away my friend walk away…..

anyway i am just getting past my birthday weekend….i am hungover and tired….but folding bags…..more BOBS on etsy soon i promise!!!!

kim the quilter


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