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Pray for the return of headphones quilt


Hey fellow crafters!

OK so i just received the new issue of BUST magazine and guess what??? DQYDJ is in it!!! OK ok i knew it all along, actually i wrote the two page spread, but didn’t want to squeal until i actually saw it was true!! I mean frickin’ bust magazine wants my quilt, i thought it might be a dream or spam. As my friends know, Debbie Stoller is pretty much my idol…ok she definitely is my IDOL!!! What she has done for knitting (even though i have never touched a needle) and the craft world in general is legendary, and i adore her for it. So i got the chance to write for BUST and thanks to the lovely Lisa Butterworth (and i am sure a lot of other helpful BUST employees) it turned out fabulous!! Headphones quilt even got to go on a field-trip to NYC!!! I was so jealous of headphones quilt…..until yesterday when i found out DHL is holding it for ransom (aka lost it) Pray for the safe return of headphones quilt everyone…

Ok so the pattern will be downloadable on Bust’s website ( and i will be posting progress shots this weekend to give all those visual learners a heads up!!!

Hope you all go pick up the FEB/MAR issue of BUST MAGAZINE with the lovely and badass EVE on the cover!!


kim the quilter


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