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the quilt show, live and in yo face


so i have a quilt show going on at Twilight Artist Collective in West Seattle this month (Check out my news section on my website for more info) It is a great store in a really hopin part of West Seattle, a place, that before last week, i had never been to! Ha give me a break i am not from here! The store is located right next to Easy Street Records where i bought the new Cancer Rising ep…good stuff…local hip hop at it’s finest.

Speaking of local i am going home to Peoria in a few weeks..always a good time of beer and screaming children..screaming in a good way like “yeah aunt kim is here” gotta love kids…can’t wait to see all of them and give them a big hug. and beer with my friends not with the kids that would be bad, and illegal.

So i am working on this crazy great new quilt that i already love and i haven’t even gotten all the blocks done! it has beer bottle fabric as its border! ahh beer quilts..i am tossing around a few names for it such as “beer 30” or “99 skulls of beer on the wall” there are skulls on the quilt too..although i think skull might have a different meaning that has something to do with it being a vessel to hold things? Am i totally off on that ? must go google that one..

so hope to see you for the quilt opening Thursday night 6-9 at Twilight!!!

kim the quilter…

damn it. it is sunny in seattle agian..i didn’t move here for this!! hahahaha


3 Responses to “the quilt show, live and in yo face”

  1. yo thanks for the love homie!

  2. Where did you find the beer bottle fabric. Can’t find it anywhere!

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