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orange ya glad i posted a new pic…hehehe

November 8, 2007

check out my new quilt! it is made from an retro piece of fabric i found, then hacked up and mixed it with some hand dyed brown fabric!! the back is a cool satiny orange…it is slightly smaller than a twin, but could be used on a couch, foot of bed, or anything else that […]

BOB’s for sale on ETSY

September 6, 2007

B.O.B.’s are available now on ETSY!! They had a great opening weekend at Bumbershoot so not that many are in stock right now, but by the end of the month more styles and colors will be available!! Taking a little hiatus next week to Hawaii to visit some friends. I know it will be rough […]

Britpop is the only way to be

July 27, 2007

this is the new mix tape folks.  cheers, kim the quilter.


July 27, 2007

ok so i am doing these two smaller boy quilts, for strollers and such, with a touch of applique.  Oh yes folks i am on a mission to become the “Queen of Applique”.  What is applique you say? ap·pli·que n. A decoration or ornament, as in needlework, made by cutting pieces of one material and […]