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watch me look awkward…

March 15, 2008

West Seattle Art Walk so the nice folks at the West Seattle Herald let me talk..on camera! ha…it comes in at about 2:10 in the video..also check out the fashion show…even lunch B.O.B. got to walk the runway and got some love….. kim the quilter Advertisements

Progress shots for headphones pattern

January 19, 2008

STEP ONE STEP TWO STEP TWO PART TWO STEP THREE STEP FIVE STEP SIX STEP SEVEN STEP ELEVEN ok everyone let me know if you have any questions regarding the pattern!! enjoy and cheers. kim the quilter

she’s crafty

September 20, 2007

who wants to see my new crafty tattoo?????????????????? pics soon…………………. kim the quilter

BOB’s for sale on ETSY

September 6, 2007

B.O.B.’s are available now on ETSY!! They had a great opening weekend at Bumbershoot so not that many are in stock right now, but by the end of the month more styles and colors will be available!! Taking a little hiatus next week to Hawaii to visit some friends. I know it will be rough […]

BFF….booth friends forever!!

September 3, 2007

so bumbershoot has been an eye-opening, amazing, soul searching time…. this is my first booth and besides three or four FIRST THURSDAY art show my first time with experience to the masses….without STATIC AGE i would be nothing..she has givin me so much support and laughs you wouldn’t even know… thanks to everyone who has […]

i’m in love…….with B.O.B.

August 23, 2007

It’s true i am in love, with messenger B.O.B. Not only is he clever, functional, and handsome, but he also has this nifty pocket on the inside. There is a big pocket and then a small half pocket for keys, wallets and such. And that’s just what he is like on the inside my friends!! […]