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B.O.B.’s are available now on ETSY!! They had a great opening weekend at Bumbershoot so not that many are in stock right now, but by the end of the month more styles and colors will be available!!

Taking a little hiatus next week to Hawaii to visit some friends. I know it will be rough vacationing in Hawaii, when i really just want to be quilting, but i will struggle through……haha

Man Bumbershoot was a lot of fun, and a lot of madness. Overall i think it was a success. We got our name out there, sold a buttload of B.O.B.’s and made some great connections in the art world.

Check out these links of the cool booth’s around us:

Handmade Julz



Sabrina Shane

Originally from London, these designers have been creating funky clothing for the hip, artistic traveler since 1992. Check out their awesome stuff @ WISH on Greenwood, Seattle WA

So now i am in recovery mode…….

kim the quilter



so bumbershoot has been an eye-opening, amazing, soul searching time…. this is my first booth and besides three or four FIRST THURSDAY art show my first time with experience to the masses….without STATIC AGE i would be nothing..she has givin me so much support and laughs you wouldn’t even know…

thanks to everyone who has stopped by and will, Monday, stop by the booth! we have been logging some awesomely funny comments we have heard in our booth and they will be posted this week along with our pics of the weekend!!! i will soon get B.O.B.’s on my ETSY site so they will be available worldwide! thanks to Matt from Etsy for all the kind words! i love meeting all my booth neighbors! Crazy nice people, really…. will have to post their websites soon!!

anyway i will leave you with my favorite quote of the day

“anytime you are on my shoulders I’m like a chicken………..BAACACKKKKKKK”

kim the quilter



For those of you who don’t know, Don’t Quilt Your Day Job has a booth at
Bumbershoot Festival this year!! We are super excited and have been working all summer to gets lots of new products ready to go!!
Bumbershoot will also be the first time B.O.B.’s will be for sale…what is a
B.O.B. you say?? Look at this blog and find out!

So for those of you that are going down to Bumbershoot Labor Day weekend, come by and say hi to us! Go to our home page
and there will be a link with a map and instructions on where we are setting up shop!


Kim the quilter

P.S. Mya (the cat above) is worn out just looking at the lineup!



It’s true i am in love, with messenger B.O.B. Not only is he clever, functional, and handsome, but he also has this nifty pocket on the inside. There is a big pocket and then a small half pocket for keys, wallets and such. And that’s just what he is like on the inside my friends!! On the outside he is a clever mix of other B.O.B.’s i have loved, but with a bigger smile (see smile bag on strap), and a style sense like no man i have ever met..don’t even get me started on how easy he is to close with the three velcro technique!

ahhhh messenger B.O.B. you are my true best friend….(unless someone buys you and then i will crawl back to lunch B.O.B. and beg for forgiveness!!)

Kim the quilter


We went and saw Ryan Adams at the Moore Theater in Seattle last Friday night, July 27, 2007, and he was spot on.  His voice was the best i have ever heard it, the band was really rehearsed, almost to a fault.  My thinking is he has had so many bad drunks shows that on this tour he was all ” we are going to rehearse every song until we can do it in our sleep” but who knows.  My only complainant was the lighting.  They all sat in a row the whole show and you couldn’t even see his face, very poorly lit.  The encore cover of “Down in a Hole” by Alice in Chains was, for lack of a better word, AMAZING!!!!!!

If you know anything about Ryan Adams beef with Seattle radio station 103.7 The Mountain then you have to check out what he did when he visited while in town, it is hilarious!

Ryan’s apology

 If this link doesn’t work go to You Tube and search for Marty Reimer.  Very funny.

Anyway I have been working non-stop on BOB’s this week, getting a lot done.  Also looking up some info on the waste made by those little plastic bags and it is staggering! Did you know that plastic bags don’t biodegrade they photo-degrade-breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits contaminating soil and waterways and are often eaten by animals thinking they are food, subsequently killing the animals. 

On that note it is Friday, thank god! and i am going to get some serious sleep and work in this weekend!! Yeah!!


Kim the quilter



this is the new mix tape folks. 


kim the quilter.



ok so i am doing these two smaller boy quilts, for strollers and such, with a touch of applique.  Oh yes folks i am on a mission to become the “Queen of Applique”.  What is applique you say?



A decoration or ornament, as in needlework, made by cutting pieces of one material and applying them to the surface of another.

So there, in less dictionary terms it is all the stuff i sew on, on top of the quilt top.  For example my boy quilt above.  The drums are appliqued onto the quilt top.  The backs are cotton flannel, very cozy for your cold kids.  I love them, now i just need to bind it and think of a name??????

well i thought i would post some pics of the new things i have been doing while my computer is working (knock on wood) so hope you enjoy. I have one more twin to finish and another boy quilt like the one above except i haven’t decided on the image i want to use….any ideas??????

Stay tuned for a review of the Seattle Ryan Adams show.

Kim the quilter